We do believe that pets are just like people full of individual personality, character and temperament. Human are superior in this world but can’t beat the superiority of dog in some of senses like hearing, sniffing and…………believe it or not………Sixth Sense!!! How many times you observe that with the slight change in your mood, your dog understands and reacts accordingly more often than anyone else in your household? Have you notice ever, that, your dog makes out that you are on the way coming home?

Can you believe that a specially trained dog can inform his owner well before in time when some paralytic attack is about to happen to his owner?

Dog living with the family treats the whole house as his “territory” and all members of the house as his “pack”. A dog spends his whole life putting all his efforts, knowingly or unknowingly to become the leader of the family/pack. The general psychology of the dogs forces them to think so. A dog learns to live among humans and bound himself by the rules. And all it matters a lot………… who makes the rules for him. If he does not found anyone else in the pack as the “Boss”, he makes the rules for himself. Human tendency to pamper and give affection to his dog promptly turns a puppy into a dominating one. Before long, the dog of the house becomes, at least in his own belief, the Boss of the family (Pack).

PRIMARY TRAINING (8 Weeks to 16 Weeks)

The age from 8 weeks to 16 weeks give a dog the experience of his life. All experiences in this age, good or bad, affect his whole life and can be a major factor deciding characteristics of the dog. Dog Behaviorists at ALFA 11, train dogs using their natural drive (food drive, prey drive and retrieving drive). It comprises training such as house-breaking, crate training, how to deal with a friendly pat, how to play with toys, socialization with humans and dogs.


In the Basic Obedience training the dog learns some other basics such as not to beg, home manners and understand and act on basic commands such as “Sit, Stay, come, down, lie down, relax, heel etc. Basic Obedience Training helps to develop a better understanding between his master and the dog. This training also includes eating on command, auto sit while walking, not to bark and jump on visitors. This part of training can be start at the age of 4 months.


Besides basic obedience training, the Advance Obedience Training adds some fantastic qualities in the dog, gives complete control to the master on his dog such as walk without leash, obey command from distance, fetch the things, bring newspapers, ball, toys, leash, on command speak (bark), etc.


ALFA 11 also provide training facility of special purpose dogs such as “Protection Dog” and “Sniffer Dogs”. The basic qualities of a particular breed, temperament and nature of the dog always are a fundamental basic for a “Special Purpose Dog”. Every dog can not be trained to that level. Only an experienced Dog Behaviorist can examine and tell if your dog is a suitable one or not. Besides this, the dog should be one year old and should be already well trained upto advance obedience level.


A problem dog is a dog who has become a nuisance for his owners. There can be any reason that a dog become problem for his family. Most common among these is aggressiveness / dominating/dog biting family members or visitors / a very nervous dog barking all the time / highly energetic dog destroying and chewing everything.

ALFA 11 has a reputation of solving such cases where the owners were so disappointed that they wanted to get rid of the problem dog by any mean and after treatment by our experienced Dog behaviorists now both, the dog and family members, are living happily together.


At ALFA 11 your chance to learn dog agility & enjoy the benefit of this sport popular all over the world. ALFA 11 has a full fledge agility ground & equipments.