Get your pet groomed by our trained groomers, because regular dog grooming not only keeps your dog clean & beautiful but also helps them healthy and reduce the risk of disease.

Alfa 11 offers its guests as well as outside clients a full-service dog grooming spa! Here at Alfa 11 we whole heartedly believe that dog bathing and grooming are very essential elements to a healthy and happy pet.

Regular dog grooming not only keeps pets looking sharp (and smelling better), but also helps keep them healthier while very often reducing the risk of some diseases and conditions. Our experienced, qualified and caring professional dog grooming staff provides full dog grooming and bathing services such as:

Brushing and Bathing:

Your dog will receive a complete massaging brush down from nose to wagging tail followed by a nice, warm and sudsy bath. We offer a premier bathing system that thoroughly cleans and soothes your dog’s skin while removing all the dander from the coat.


You’ll be surprised at how much difference a trim can make! If you feel like your dog’s coat needs a little taken off the sides, let our talented dog groomers tidy up their look in no time. With careful precision, Paradise Ranch’s Los Angeles-based dog grooming artisans can update cuts, trim out matts and polish up the overall appearance of your dog.