Going away on a business trip or a vacation does not have to be stressful as you leave your worries behind with us and concentrate on your business trips or enjoy your holidays. You can have relaxation knowing that your pet is staying with an indisputable pet loving family and getting the same love, care and affection as if you were there.

Our goal is that every dog lives happily, when here, and is more than happy when leaving, so as to come again and again for boarding.

Like humans, dogs do have different personalities. Keeping in mind the basic dogs’ need, we have mainly two categories of boarding, i.e.


    Some dogs are introvert, delicate, with less energy level, more comfortable in human company. For such dogs ALFA-11 provides home based boarding facilities. This is actually residence of Dog behaviorist Rajesh & Bhavna Bhatt. Here they live the way they are used to live in their own family, where they enjoy the company of members of ALFA-11.

    At alfa-11 your pet enjoy cage free (we never tie them too) boarding experience. For your pets, we have luxurious, full-sized bedrooms, which are furnished with all the comforts of home, having bed, refrigerator, A/C, TV etc. They will really enjoy their stay here with all the facilities of a home, not to worry about their food etc. as they would be served as per their habit and likings as suggested by you.

    The pets of timid and shy nature, who hesitate or are scared of seeing a new or strange place, will learn how to blossom in the life of party at ALFA 11. In case of pets who are finicky eaters, alfa-11 member takes special care to hand feed them, with lots of love and affection. Those kinds of pets are given so much of time by indulging in playful acts and such activities to keep them busy, that they become familiar to new environment very fast. Gradually they will tend to shed their timid nature and soon you will be happy too with your pet’s refined nature.


    Some dogs are bold, strong, dominating, with very high energy level, more comfortable with other dog’s company, for such dogs ALFA 11 provide Farm based boarding facility, which is not far away from residence of Dog Behaviorist Rajesh Bhatt.

    The Farm Boarding is 4 Kms. from the resident. It is a lush green environment spread over in 7 acres of land in a peaceful area. All pets live luxurious, full-sized bedrooms, which are furnished with all the comforts of home in their individual section. During the day-time, all the guest indulge in all kinds of activities with the members of ALFA 11. They play and run in open & lush green lawns, competing with each other. They nap in the sheds and splash in the specially designed pool, located just in the centre of the alfa-11 premises, just for dogs. By doing all these kind of activities they are doing the most important thing which is mandatory for human beings as well as for the dogs, and that is—EXERCISE to employ their excess energy. It really counts a lot for the good behavior of your pet


  • Prior to the stay we require you to visit us with your dog.

  • Just to make sure that all vaccination shots are up-to-date, please bring Xerox copies of the same.

  • Dogs with any infection, cough, ticks, and fleas will not be taken in.


General Boarding Rs 1000 / day
Deluxe Boarding Rs 1500 / day
Boarding with Behaviour correction charges Case to Case basis
  • Pick & Drop is available and will be charged extra according to the distance.
  • All medication, treatments and transportation for this purpose, if any, will be billed separately.